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Zorro was shown the last time this year in Finnish Winner 12.12. and Nordic Winner 13.12. He got EXC-4 and EXC in intermediate class. (Photo by Heli Laitinen)
28.11. Sakke's daughter Gwaihir's Hadiya Belle got cac at Turku INT and finished her Finnish & Estonia Champion titles. Congrats Stina and the owners!

21.-22.11. We visited Minsk Belarus with löwchen Mu'azzaz Amandine "Kia" and salukis Mu'azzaz Al-Ahab "Zorro" & Amurrah "Aamu"

On Saturday 21.11. Aamu was BB-1 with cac and CACIB, Zorro got cac and res-cacib. Kia was BOB with cac and CACIB. She finished her Belarus Champion title.

On Sunday Kia was again BOB with cac and CACIB. Aamu got cac and res-cacib. Zorro was BOB with CAC and CACIB. Both finished their Belarus Champion titles! Zorro also placed 3rd in the group.

7.11. Tarto INT in Estonia Sakke's daughter Gwaihir's Hadiya Belle was BOB and got cac and CACIB.

1.11. Today Zorro had a great day at group specialty in Lahti. He got his 7th cac and was placed BOS after Quattro's daughter Aziz Yas, who placed also BIS-2.

25.10. Seinäjoki INT: our smooth boy Oiva, Mu'azzaz Al-Ashab was in the ring for the first time and got vg4. Picture by Katri Hietala

24.10. Hämeenlinna group specialty Sakke's daughter Gwaihir's Hannah La Carma BOB, BIG-4 with cac.

17.10. debuted our salukis in the lure coursing trials.
At the first round Zorro got 226 points, placed 11/15.

Leo got 230 points and placed 9/15.

In the finals he got 242 points with total of 472 points, CQ and place 7. Good job, Leo!

Aamu got 225 points at the first round and placed 7/9. At the finals she got 244, total 469 points, CQ and placed 5th.
I'm sure we'll try again in the next year!

13.9. Today we got our first International Champion!
Mu'azzaz Amandine, Kia, finished her C.I.B. an NO CH titles by winning BOB, cac and CACIB at Rogaland INT, Norway.
I'm so proud of you Inkeri and Kia!
  Zorro got his 6th cac at Tervakoski INT 30.8.

Sakke's son in the US Music Box Classical Perfection (d.o.b. 23.12.2008) was shown in Lexington, KY:
26.8. Winners Dog
27.8. Winners Dog
29.8. Winners Dog

27.8. Zorro and Aamu started their trials for racing licence by running the solo trials at Helsinki race track.

  15. and 16.8. our boys did very well in Joensuu all breed & INT shows:

Saturday All breed show: Zorro was BD-3 with his 5th cac. His handsome black brother Mu'azzaz Aswad "Leo" placed BD-4 with res-cac from junior class.

Sunday INT show: Leo was BOB with his first cac! He was shown in junior class. Zorro placed BD-4. On the group finals Leo placed Best in Group 3!! I'm so proud of him! Congrats to his owners Piia and Janne!

BOB Leo & BOS Aziz Shalil (Picture by Janne K)

15.8. Finnish Löwchen Club Show was held in Lapua:
Sakke's daughter Gwaihir's Hadiya Belle BOS/BIS2.
She also won Best Coat competition.

  9.8. Turku all breed show: Sakke's daughter Gwaihir's Hannah La Carma BOS with cac! Congrats to Lina and the owners!
(Picture by Gwaihir's)

Sakke's only 6 months old sons in thé US have started their show career in a very nice way:
7.8. Greater Hickory Kennel Club All Breed Show, Greensboro, NC
Musicbox Made You Look! - Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex, Best Puppy, Puppy Group 1. (1 point)

8.8. Carolina Kennel Club All Breed Show, Greensboro, NC
Musicbox Made You Look! - Winners Dog, Best of Opposite Sex, Best Puppy (1 point)
Musicbox Lost In This Moment - Reserve Dog

9.8. Carolina Kennel Club All Breed Show, Greensboro, NC
Musicbox Made You Look! - Winners Dog, Best of Opposite Sex (1 point)
Musicbox Lost In This Moment - Reserve Dog

2.8. Iisalmi INT Zorro intermediate exc1 BD-4 cac. Aamu JUN exc1.

Zorro and his cousin Ch Aziz Cane Zadan at the best dog competition.

2.8. Pori INT: Gwaihir's Hadiya Belle BOB with cac and CACIB.
(Picture by Gwaihir's)

Aziz Sardar has been traveling around the Europe:
1.8.2009 Bremen INT, Germany: VDH-cac
25.7.2009 Liege INT, Belgium: BD-2, cac, res-CACIB, BOB-working and BIS-3 working dog. Congrats to Kalle and Monica!

  25.7. Helsinki all breed show: Zorro JUN exc1 BD-3 cac. Aamu JUN vg 1.

18.7. Helsinki group specialty: Mu'azzaz Awwalan, Awa JUN exc2

Aamu JUN vg3

Mu'azzaz Ashayan, Moona JUN vg

18.7. Oulu INT: Aziz Shalil BOS with CACIB. Aziz Sardar BD-2, res-CACIB.

12.7. Kemi all breed show: Aziz Shalil BOB.

30.6. 28.6. Trondheim INT Norway: Aziz Sardar BOB with cac and CACIB. He becomes now Norwegian and Nordic Champion. Congrats Monica & Kalle!

27.6. Hämeenlinna all breed show: Aziz Shadman BOS again.

21.6. Rovaniemi INT Aziz Shayan BOS with CACIB. Now she only needs one more CACIB from one more land to become an international champion...
(Picture by Pasi Soininen)

  13.6. Kotka INT: Aziz Shadman BOS, Zorro placed BD-4 with res-cac Aamu exc 2. Sakke's daughter Gwaihir's Hadiya Belle was BB-2 with cac and res-cacib.

7.6. Inofficial Saluki Show Helsinki:
Zorro won junior males (6) with CQ and Aamu junior bitches (10) also with CQ. BIS-junior was Zorro and Aamu BOS-junior. Aziz Yavar placed BD-2 out of 50 males. He was also BOS-Champion. Thank you Judges Meike DeHaney (males, BIS) and Roberto Forsoni (bitches, BIS-junior)!

6.6. Tuuri all breed show Zorro was BD-2 with cac. Aamu got vg 2.

At the same day Aziz Yas placed BB-2 in Finnish Saluki Club's Saluki Specialty in Helsinki out of 76 bitches!

30.5. Helsinki INT: Aziz Shayan was BB-3 and got res-CACIB(->CACIB). Aziz Yas was BB-4 with cac. She finished her Finnish Champion title! Congrats to Roosa! Aziz Yavar was BD-2. Zorro won junior class with exc.

6.5.2009 Forever in our hearts:
Quattro 28.4.1999 - 21.4.2009

13.4. at their 1st birthday Aamu and Zorro got both excellent and won junior class in Lappeenranta INT. Quattro's son Aziz Yavar placed BD-2.

Dam of our babies Aziz Shayan went BOS in Latvian Winner Show 21.3. and got CACIB, CAC, LVW-09 and LV Ch titles. Quattro's grandson Aziz Cane Zadan was BOB and BIG-1.

14.3. Quattro's son Aziz Sardar was BOB and BIG-2 with CAC and CACIB in Lithuanian Winner show. He also got LV Ch and LTW-09 titles. The CACIB was his 4th and now he's going to be the 8th International Champion of Aziz S litter! Congrats Monica and Kalle!

Sakke came back home 14.3.!! Thank you Donna for taking such a good care of him! Hopefully his offspring will grow up to be great lowchens!

28.2.2008 Zorro was BOS and got his first CAC at Kaarina Group Specialty!
Picture: Zorro and BOB Dabka's Felicia. Judge Maria Nordin, Sweden.

Aamu got VG, also brother Awa, who placed 3rd in junior males.

22.2. Löwchen Open Show in Lieto
Sakke's daughter Gwaihir's Hadiya Belle was BB-4 and Gwaihir's Hanya Castano Best in Show Novice! Kia, Mu'azzaz Amandine placed 4th in Champion Class with HP. Judge Owe Wiman, Sweden.

15.2. Tallinn INT, Estonia
Quattro's son Aziz Sardar was BOB, BIG-2 and got CAC and CACIB. He finished his Estonian Ch title. Congrats to Kalle and the family!

24.-25.1. Turku INT
Zorro was shown in the junior class for the first time. He placed 2nd with EXC. Quattro's daughter Aziz Shalil placed BB-3.
Sakke's daughter Gwaihir's Hadiya Belle was BB-2 and got CAC and res-cacib.

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