News 2007
Quattro is Top Sire of the Year 2007!

His offspring placed very nicely at Finnish Saluki Club's Challenge Trophies 2007.

Here's two of them:
Aziz Yavand: TOP-Saluki, Saluki of the Year #3, Young Saluki #3, BOS Most Winning
Aziz Yavar: Leevi's Commemorative Trophy, Saluki of the Year #7, Young Saluki #4, Most Winning #6

8.-9.12.2007 Finnish Winner 2007, Helsinki

Sakke was BOS with CACIB and Finnish Winner 2007 title. Thank you judge Mr. Apiwut Kasemsanta from Thailand!

Aziz Yavand placed BD-3 (39 males)

18.11.2007 Aziz Yavand BOB with CACIB at Jyväskylä INT
10.-11.11.2007 Baltic Winner 2007, Riga, Latvia

Great news from Latvia!

Quattro's son Aziz Yavand won BOB, cac, CACIB and got Baltic Winner -07 and Latvian Champion titles. He also was Best in Group and finished his *International Champion title! His sister Aziz Yagane was BB-2 and got CAC! Congrats to both families!

Sakke was BD-2 and got cac and CACIB. He also got Baltic Winner -07 and Latvian Champion titles. What a nice weekend we had!

29.9.2007 Sakke is now a father of 3 female puppies at Gwaihir's kennel! The dam of the litter in beautiful *Int Ch Gwaihir's Asante Belle.
  News here and there:

Sakke placed BD-4 at SKKY Toydog Specialty Show at Kaivopuisto, Helsinki 26.8.2007

Quattro's offspring have been busy:

Aziz Siah finished her *International and Estonian Champion titles by getting res-CACIB (->CACIB) and cac at Tarto, Estonia 4.11. She's 6th Int Ch of Aziz S Litter! Congrats also to the breeder!
Aziz Shadman went BIG-2 at the same show! He finished also his Estonia Champion title!
Aziz Sardar placed BD-2 and got res-CACIB (->CACIB) at Tervakoski 26.8.

Aziz Yavar was BOB ja BIG-2 at Lahti group specialty 3.11.
Aziz Yavand BOB ja BIG-3 Helsingissä 1.9., BOS Lahti INT 28.10. and Tampere group specialty 9.9.
Aziz Yas has gained couple res-cac's during this autumn. She was BB-3 with res-cac at the group specialty at Lahti 3.11.

20.8.2007 Yesterday we had a pleasant journey to Estonia, Tallinn INT: Sakke was BOB and got CAC and CACIB to become Estonian Champion! He was also selected in the group finals.
13.8.2007 Yesterday at Joensuu Int:

Sakke was BOS and got his last CACIB to become an International Champion!

Kia placed BB-2 and got res-cac and res-cacib.

Aziz Yadawari was BOB and got CAC & CACIB. He finished his Finnish Champion title! Congrats to Takhta and his family!

5.8.2007 Aziz Yavand won Best in Group at Turku all breed show 4.8.!
4.8.2007 2.8. Aziz Sharik is now confirmed as International Champion by FCI!

Aziz Yavand placed Best in Group 2nd and got CACIB at Pori INT 29.7.

25.7.2007 Sakke placed BD-3 and got res-cacib at Kokkola INT 14.7.

Aziz Yas  placed BB-2 and got her 2nd CAC at Orivesi all breed show 14.7.!

12.7.2007 We have Puppy plans... :-)

Sakke placed BD-2 and got res-cacib at Karjaa INT 1.7. He also placed second best dog at Hämeenlinna 17.6.


Quattro's sons and daughters have been active during this summer:

Aziz Yavand was Best in Show at Saluki Open Show 10.6.2007! He was also BIS at Tallinn group specialty 2.6.! He gained CAC and finished his Estonian Champion title.
He's also gained:
3.6. Tallinn INT, Estonia ESTW-07, CACIB, BOB, BIG-3
13.5. Hamina: BOB
16.6. Kotka INT: CACIB, BOS
30.6.Tuusula: BOB, BIG-2

Aziz Yavar
19.5. Helsinki INT: CACIB, BOS

Aziz Yas gained:
12.5. Turenki group specialty BB-3, CAC!
27.5. Ilola Finnish Saluki Club's Lure Coursing 11th/57 487points and CQ at her first official lure coursing trial!

Aziz Yagane:
16.6. Kotka INT: BB-2, CAC, res-cacib!

Aziz Sardar:
3.6. Tuuri: BOS
He has also been competing in track racing & lure coursing.

13.6. Aziz Shalil got a litter of 8 puppies at Aziz Kennel.

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