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13.12.2008 Sakke has been entered in AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Show at Long Beach, California 13.-14.12.2008! He's one of the TOP 20 löwchens in the US!

Today at Winner 2008 show in Helsinki:
Sakke's daughter Gwaihir's Hadiya Belle was BOS with cac, Junior Winner 2008 and Winner 2008 titles! Congrats to little Stina and Joanna & Lena!

Helsinki All Breed Puppy Show 7.12.08:
What a great day for our saluki babies! Zorro was BOB, went Best in Group 1 and Aamu was BOS and also won Best in Group 1 of BOS puppies! We are so proud of our little ones!

Also two of their siblings have been shown in puppy show.
Awwalan was BD-2 and Ashayan was BB-2 at Helsinki All Breed Puppy Show 16.11.08.

Quattro's son Aziz Yavar was BD-2 with CACIB at Jyväskylä International show 23.11.

22.11.08 Sakke was BOS at Tuscaloosa Kennel Club All Breed Show in Montgomery, AL.

We had a great weekend! Zorro was shown for the very first time with stunning results!

Zorro was BOB, BIG & BIS 4 Puppy at Lahti All Breed Puppy Show 1.11.08!!
Judges were Harri Lehkonen (BOB & BIG) and Unto Timonen (BIS).

BOS Puppy Hadayan Maxima & BOB Puppy Zorro

We have stunning news from the US!
Sakke finished AM Ch title at Chattanooga Kennel Club
All Breed Show  13.9.08 handled by Rick Day.

He has won total 19 points with 3 majors. He has been 13 x Best of Opposite Sex & 3 x Best of Breed!

Thank you Donna and Juha for this great opportunity!

Pictures by Tiger Sanders, MusicBox Bichons & Löwchens

Some health checks has been done:

OFA Number Registry Test/Film Date Report Date Age Final Conclusion
LO-PA33/46M/P-VPI PATELLA Jul 21 2008 Aug 6 2008 46 NORMAL - PRACTITIONER
LO-54E46M-VPI HIPS Jul 21 2008 Aug 7 2008 46 EXCELLENT
LO-EL9M46-VPI ELBOW Jul 21 2008 Aug 7 2008 46 NORMAL

His American pups have also been born: three lovely girls!

His older offspring has been doing well:

Gwaihir's Hadiya Belle BOS, CAC at Eckero INT 27.9.08!

Mu'azzaz Chic Choix Aida has finished her N Ch title with BOB earlier this year: 9.2.08 at Ølen national show. 3.5.08 she won BOB and CACIB at Kristiansand INT, Norway.

Mu'azzaz Amandine has been mated to Chic Choix Qualite D'Emir. Puppies are expected to be born in kennel Chic Choix.

3.8.2008 Yesterday Mu'azzaz Amandine won BaltW-08 title with BOB and CACIB in Vilnius Baltic Winner Show! Congrats to Kia and Inkeri! I'm happy for you!

On Friday Mu'azzaz Amandine was BB-1 and got CAC and CACIB in Vilnius Summer 2008 Show. She finished her Lithuanian Champion title.

26.7. she was BOB and got her first CACIB in Pori international show. Way to go, Kia!

Sakke's younger daughters have started their show career in a stunning way:

Gwaihir's Hadiya Belle:
27.7.08 Raisio all breeds BOB, CAC
26.7.08 Pori INT BB-4, res-cac
19.7.08 Ypäjä all breeds  BOB, CAC, Best in Group!
13.7.08 Karjaa all breeds BOB, CAC

Gwaihir's Hannah La Carma:
12.7.08 Tvååker all breeds, Sweden BB-2, CAC

We've been enjoying ourselves and the warm nice weather in summer cottage of Saloinen Lake.

The pups were interested in water sports...

...sometimes Zorro just had to sit and think.

We also met the smooth brother Al-Ashab.

Our lovely lowchen Chic Choix Touche won Best in Show at Lowchen Club Show here in Mustiala on Sunday 29.6.! Thank you judge Rick Day of Risgae Show Dogs, USA!

Sakke's daughter, Gwaihir's Hadiya Belle won BIS Puppy and the Best Coat prize at the same show!

At the same time and place Quattro's son Aziz Yavar placed BD-4 at Saluki Show 2008! Manu also finished his International Chapion title in Latvia 15.6. with BOB, BIG-1 and BIS-2!

At the same day other son Aziz Yavand won Best in Group at Järvenpää all breed show. Two weeks earlier Nemo was also BIG-1 in Kotka INT show!

Saluki puppy news:

Zorro stays at home with us and his grandfather...

...and Aamu stays home (if she doesn't find a perfect home).

Justiina left to Norway with Hanne 19.6.

Awa went to his new home 17.6.

Moona went to Tallinn, Estonia 12.6 to live with Karin and her older dogs.

Janne & Piia took Leo to Joensuu 7.6.

4.6.2008 Puppies are now 7 weeks old. Grizzle boy Al-Ashab "Oiva" moved to his new home with Jasu the saluki and the cats. Good luck with your new boy, Päivi! :-)

Mu'azzaz Amandine waz BB-3 at Aptus Show in Helsinki 24.5.08!

14.5.2008 Puppies are now 4 weeks old! New pictures on Puppies page!
4.5.2008 Puppies are now 3 weeks old! New pictures on Puppies page!

Sakke's daughter Gwaihir's Hadiya Belle was BIG-2 at Hollola all breed Puppy Show!

29.4.2008 Puppies are now 2 weeks old! New pictures on Puppies page!

Quattro celebrated his 9th birthday yesterday!

20.4.2008 Puppies are now one week old! New pictures on Puppies page!
15.4.2008 Here's some news not mentioned before.

At Vilna INT Show 16.3. Aziz Yadawari placed BD-3, res-CACIB (->CACIB)

At Vilna INT LTW-08 Show Aziz Yagane was BOS with CC, CACIB, LtuW-08

At Monte Carlo INT Show Aziz Samimi got res-CACIB (-> CACIB -> Int CH!)

Aziz Shadman is now confirmed as Nordic Champion.

The puppies are here! Last night Sooda gave birth to 7 lovely puppies: 4 males and 3 females. See the pictures of newborn pups at Puppies page!
Here she is! Our lovely queen Aziz Shayan on her 55th day.
15.3.2008 Today Mu'azzaz Amandine finished her Fin Ch title at Tampere INT!!! She placed BB-3 and got cac and res-cacib! Congrats to her owners Inkeri and Outi! Well done!

We're expecting puppies! Sooda's pregnancy was detected by ultrasound last Thursday.

Quattro's son Aziz Yavand is now confirmed as International Champion by the FCI.

2.3.2008 We're hoping for puppies on week 16! Aziz Shayan was mated 12th February.

2.3. Aziz Shadman BOB, BIS-4 at Kaarina Group Specialty.

1.3. Aziz Siah got a litter of 7 puppies at Aziz Kennel.

4.2.2008 Turku INT 26.-27.1.
Quattro's son Aziz Yavar BOS with CACIB
16.1.2008 Kajaani INT 5.-6.1.
Mu'azzaz Amandine BB-3, res-cac, res-cacib
Quattro's son Aziz Yadawari BD-4

Sakke has been confirmed as International Champion on 17.12.2007

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